What do we do?

Luxembourg has always had a large expat community, but with this come great challenges.
Our aim is to provide services in areas where guidance might be tough to find, such areas include taxation services - from assessments to filling and handing in tax returns.
We always see our cases through to the end.

Corporate services

An ongoing trend of employer branding is to make the life of your employees easier.

As many companies employ a large number of expats, and locals for that matter, offering their employees any help they can get will boost employee loyalty and appreciation.
By working with us to setup a tailor-made program you can boost the happiness of your employees.


Don't hesitate to contact us for any requests you might not have found a suitable counterparty for and after an initial consultation a proposed way forward can usually be found

What else can we do?

We are versatile, we are available. We take on new cases frequently and are fair from pricing to execution - as our clients will tell you.

Personal taxation

Never done a tax return? We can help you with everything, from A to Z.

New in Luxembourg?

Wondering how to do a tax return? Wondering what you can deduct? We know.


How does that effect your tax-situation?

Setting up your own company?

Do you know how to do it? VAT? Tax? Articles of incorporation? We've got the templates.

Need a simple website?

We have several ready-to-go templates.


We're always listening and lookging for assignments.